About us

We have over 25 years’ experience in fast quality food restaurants. We are known for the quality of our products and for the care we take to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Cibiamogroup is born

Alessandro, Claudio and Giorgio opened their first store in the Centroluna shopping centre, in Sarzana (SP).
Focaccia and pizza were the best-selling products. Today they are still the core products of the group.


Quality firs

The cibiamo “dough ball” is launched; a special dough mixture for making pizzas and focaccias, which is made with an original recipe that makes the product lighter and more easily digestible.


La bottega del Caffè

The first store branded La bottega del Caffè is opened: a new concept of cafeteria with an original and high quality offe.


The first Virgin Active Cafè and the first franchisee store

The Virgin adventure begins, a relationship that has consolidated over the years.
It’s also the year when the first franchisee store is opened.


Cibiamogroup opens inside the railway station

cibiamo and La bottega del Caffè open inside the railway stations of major towns (Milano, Bologna, Napoli and Roma).


The growth of Cibiamogroup  continue

Cibiamogroup grows with the entrance of Euroristoro in the company and with new important openings.


Mondadori Café

Cibiamogroup develops a new format for the city centre. A partnership agreement is signed with Mondadori Retail and the first Mondadori Café is launched.


Year of restyling

A year of significant changes for the Cibiamogroup, including restyling of the Cibiamo, Virgin Active Cafè and La bottega del Caffè formats.


Cibiamogroup opens in France

The first store branded La bottega del Caffè is opened in Cannes.